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Bolivar Woman Settles with Canada Dry


If you bought Canada Dry Ginger Ale over the past six years, you may have some money coming to you thanks to a Bolivar woman.

Julie Fletcher said that she sued Keurig Dr. Pepper, manufacturers of the soda, saying she had often bought it for her sick children, thinking it was a “healthier alternative to regular sodas,” thinking it contained actual ginger root and not just flavor extracts.

Under the proposed settlement, Canada Dry will remove the claim to be “made from real ginger” from advertising and packaging, and will offer payments to those who purchased the soda for personal use going back to 2013.

Households that bought Canada Dry may receive up to $5.20 without proof of purchase, or up to $40 with proof of purchase.


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  1. This is silly. Ginger Ale is a sugary soda pop. It is not a health drink by any means. I never ever would have thought there was a single ingredient in this soda that a sick child would benefit from. go to the store, by ginger root…and make a healthy drink. DON’T PURCHASE SODA. This is such a bogus lawsuit.

  2. Fran,

    Then, why does Canada Dry state something that is not true? I agree Soda is bad, but, Bogus lawsuit? I think not.

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