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Camo Sunday at FWC



The 5th annual Camo Sunday Event will take place this Sunday November 26th at 10:45am at the First Wesleyan Church of Bradford located at 692 South Kendall Ave. Pastor Terri Niver will be leading the service at this year’s Camo Sunday Event.  People are urged to come to church in their Camo attire.  The Camo Sunday Event was started at the First Wesleyan Church of Bradford by Pastor Chris Terbush in 2012.  Looking for a new way to present the Gospel, Terbush took a cue from his favorite TV show “Duck Dynasty” and created this outdoor friendly church service for hunters.

Camo Sunday First Wesleyan Church of Bradford, Pa.

That year the event got worldwide press after the story was picked up by local and state media organizations. The story of the Camo Sunday church service was eventually reported by news organizations around the world.  This year the First Wesleyan Church has had to cut back on the Camo Sunday festivities due to the numerous community outreach events that they sponsored this past summer, including Christian Summer Jam 2017.  The First Wesleyan Church would like to thank all the local businesses that supported them in the past and hope they will continue to support them in the coming years. This year Pastor Niver will be presenting a special sermon for Camo Sunday. She will also be praying for the hunter’s safety and success while hunting in the woods this season.  All hunters and the general public are welcomed to attend Camo Sunday. Due to recent events, the members of the First Wesleyan Church are asking those attending Camo Sunday to please leave all weapons locked in their vehicles.  If you would like more information about the First Wesleyan Church’s Camo Sunday Event, you can call the church at 814-368-7865.






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