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Cause of Death: Gunshots


Warren County’s deputy coroner has released the cause of death of an 18-year-old who was killed February 5.


Ed Lloyd says Marcus Mattson of Russell died of multiple gunshot wounds. His body was found earlier this week in a crawlspace under a house in Brokenstraw Township. The murder weapon – described as a small-caliber pistol – was found in a vehicle trailer in front of the house.


MCDANIEL, JAMES, WILLIAMS, GARY25-year-old James McDaniel of Russell is charged with murdering Mattson. 22-year-old Gary Williams of North Cambria is charged with helping to cover up the crime. They are both scheduled to be in court Tuesday.


Originally, because McDaniel was being investigated by the Warren County Drug Task Force, authorities believed the murder may have been drug-related. But District Attorney Rob Greene says there is no evidence that this was “a drug deal gone wrong.”


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