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Festa Italiana Security Guards Called Into Question


The use of private security by organizers of last weekend’s Festa Italiana came under scrutiny at Tuesday’s meeting of Bradford City Council.

Rev. Stacey Fussell, pastor of the Church of the Ascension,  complained about the outfits worn by private security, saying that they bordered on impersonating police officers.

“They were out in force and in uniforms, complete with badges, star patches, official looking insignia, and utility belts. They even had Walker Texas Ranger cowboy hats with big ol’ stars right in the front.”

Rev. Fussell asked “Do we really want them to be seen as representing the City of Bradford?”

Police Chief Chris Lucco emphasized that the guards in question were not hired by the City, but by Tops Markets and Festival organizers, and that he also had concerns.

“I had my guys tell a few of them to remove batons. You have to have clearances for some of this stuff.”

“Should there be an ordinance?” Chief Lucco continued, “Maybe there should be. I’d have to look into it.”


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