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During Tuesday’s Bradford City Council meeting, a Jackson Avenue resident suggested painting lines on the street because it’s difficult to navigate, especially at night. He also mentioned that traffic has increased since School Street went back to being a “two-way” street. Many of our listeners and Web site visitors are concerned about the line-painting situation on Jackson Avenue. One of them sent us this message:

“After thinking a while about this line-painting situation, I have finally come up with a suggestion. Since Jackson Avenue is a narrow street and painting lines is out of the question, why not make Jackson a one-way street like State Street? Have it run going toward Interstate Parkway. I think that most of the traffic that is on Jackson travels in that direction anyway. What do you think?”

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  1. Geeeeeez!!!! Why don’t we just make all the streets in BFD one way going the same way so no one can get anyplace???!!!!!

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