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Man Jailed for Three Thefts


A Bradford man is in jail after being accused of stealing items from two vehicles and a pressure washer from Country Fair.

Court papers say 32-year-old Matthew Louser stole a wallet out of a pickup truck on Foreman Street on June 13, kept the $20 that was in it, then threw it in the garbage at this home. At first, he told police he stole it because voices were telling him things. He later said he steals to get money to buy drugs that he needs because he hurts.

While interviewing Louser for that case, police asked him about the theft of a briefcase from a car in the Bradford Club parking lot on May 24. The briefcase had a passport, prescription sunglasses, medication, files and bank checks in it. Louser admitted to stealing the briefcase and contents, and then throwing it away in a garbage can behind The Friendship Table.

Court papers say Louser was also caught by security cameras stealing the pressure washer on May 26. When police confront him about it, he took them to the home of Richard Butterbaugh, saying he sold the pressure washer to him for $20.

Butterbaugh said he didn’t know it was stolen.


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