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Nana the Puppy Has Died


There’s sad news from Coudersport.

The five-month-old Newfoundland puppy people were donating to so she could have surgery, had to be put down.

Nana was hit by a truck a week ago, injuring her pelvic bone. Her boy, 6-year-old Carter, was going to hold a lemonade stand to help pay for her surgery. But it turns out her injuries — including nerve damage, a displaced spine, and injured bladder and bowels — were too severe.

Carter’s mom Lauren says all donations will be used to pay Nana’s veterinarian bills related to the accident.

Carter will still be holding his lemonade stand at 93 Allegany Avenue tomorrow, but the money will be going to the True Newfoundland Dog Lover’s Club in the hopes that if another Newfoundland puppy needs this kind of help, she can get it.


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