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Persico Tells Shapiro He Won’t Challenge Grand Jury Report


Diocese of Erie Bishop Lawrence Persico met with state attorney general Josh Shapiro Wednesday to discuss the grand jury report into child sex abuse accusations within the diocese.

Persico released a statement about the meeting Wednesday night to say he has decided not to legally challenge the grand jury process and its work.

Persico added that, “The grand jury investigation and its report will provide a voice for the victims. We must listen to that voice and learn from it as we move forward.”

Shapiro, in a news release, commended Persico’s actions, saying he has “not sought to block these matters from seeing public light, or attempted to keep victims’ voices from finally being heard.”


Last week, Shapiro charged Father David Poulson in connection of the sexual assault of two boys while he was working at the diocese. Shapiro said he would have been charged with abusing a boy while he was a teacher at Bradford Central Christian High School if the statute of limitations had not run out.

Last month, the diocese released names of dozens of former priests and lay people who have been credibly accused or found to have abused victims.


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