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Tornado Confirmed in Warren County


.The National Weather Service in State College has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Warren County Thursday night,  and damaged at least one home.

They say “a weak EF0 tornado briefly touched down about two miles to the north-northwest of Youngsville.” An EF0 has wind speeds of 65 to 85 mph. The National Weather Service says the maximum wind speed of this tornado was 80.

The tornado downed or uprooted about 25 trees,  and ripped shingles off of the roof of one house.

Several eyewitnesses, including local firefighters and Emergency Management officials, watched the funnel cloud go from west to east and then touch down just west of Matthews Run Road. It was on the ground for about a minute or two at around 7:55 p.m.

The National Weather Service also says light objects like blankets and empty water buckets were sucked out of an open barn and pulled about 100 feet to the center of the tornado’s path.

No one was hurt.


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