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Rep Reed: The Days of Protecting Abusers Must End


HARRISBURG – House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) released the following statement in response to the release of the grand jury report by the attorney general today:

“The actions revealed through the grand jury report are heinous and shameful. We cannot allow safe havens for child sexual predators; it is a betrayal of justice.

“With the timeliness of this report and its findings, the statute of limitations bill passed by the Senate is primed for discussion in the House. We expect to schedule Senate Bill 261 for a vote in the fall. which The eliminates the statute of limitations for child sex abuse crimes and gives victims additional time to file civil actions against their abuser.

“While there are discussions about various amendments to the bill, ultimately, it will be up to the 203 members of the House to decide what will be approved and sent back to the Senate.

“The crimes reported by the grand jury are horrendous, and the cover-up even worse. The days of protecting abusers must end. It is time for all of us as policymakers, but more importantly, as humans, to stand up against the betrayals of the most vulnerable among us.”


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