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From the DA’s Office:


During a seemingly-routine traffic stop in the early morning hours of February 20, 1999, Patrolman Steven M. Jerman’s life was cut short.

His life was ended after being shot by an occupant of the car. Even after being fatally wounded by a bullet, Patrolman Jerman heroically returned fire. It would later be reported by those involved in the investigation that, by returning fire, he identified his killer for the investigators.

His legacy continues to live on as his name has come to be synonymous with heroic bravery. We recognize and honor members of law enforcement and their families for the sacrifices they make every day and, on this day and every other, we remember and honor Officer Steven Jerman and pray for his family.

On behalf of the District Attorney’s Office and members of law enforcement throughout McKean County, I express our gratitude and vow to never forget what occurred 20 years ago.


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