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School Board Holds Meeting


After two weeks of school, the Bradford Area School Board held a regular meeting last night.  Among the topics that were discussed were busing, personnel, and the paying of the bills.  Superintendent Katy Pude stated that the district does have some typical busing issues that occur every year.  These issues include little kids not get off the bus, construction, and people moving over the summer.  Pude says that they are making adjustments to solve these problems and thanked the parents for their patience.

Besides approving personnel changes, two school district employees will be retiring at the end of the month.  Karen Woodhouse, a latch key and cafeteria aide with 19 years of service and bus driver , Thomas Falconi with 11 years of service  were both recognized for their work serving the district.

And the district has received their first payment from the state for their basic education funding .  No future funding is on the horizon without the adoption of a revenue plan.  September 15th is when the state is expected to run out of money.  Fortunately the school district has begun to collect tax revenue which they could utilize for cash flow if needed.


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