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Students Attend School Board Meeting


With the Parkland Florida school shooting still in the minds of many people, school security was a major topic at last night’s school board meeting. Bradford School Superintendent Katy Pude made a presentation about the current security measures in place to protect students in the Bradford School District. She also spoke about what plans they have to increase school security in the future. After her presentation, Bradford resident Dan Costello spoke to the board. He thanked Pude for her presentation but said more needed to be done to protect students like maybe looking at arming teachers or putting police officers in each school in the Bradford Area School District. But it was a group of female high school students, that really got the attention of the School Board and those in attendance. Kelsey Jordan was one of the students who spoke to the School Board. She talked to them about her recent experience during a shelter in place incident and how it has effected her. Jordan and other students proposed putting metal detectors, armed guards, and more security cameras in area schools. After the meeting, we caught up with Superintendent Katy Pude and asked her about the concerns of the students.

School Board President Shane Oschman stated that he plans to work with Bradford Police Chief Chris Lucco to develop a security task force for Bradfrod Area Schools. School board members Carla Manion, Dave Feely, and Hiel Bartlett agreed to be a part of that task force to develop new security measures.



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