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Assault Charges Bound to Court


Charges against a man accused of injuring a City of Bradford Police officer have been bound to McKean County Court.

32-year-old John Winn of Bainbridge, NY, was being taken to drug rehab at BRMC when he started threatening his mother, who called 911 before he grabbed her phone and threw it out the car window.

As police were trying to take him into custody at the hospital he knocked one officer into a vehicle hard enough to dent the vehicle.  The officer needed medical attention. While three  other officers tried to get Winn under control, the injured officer was able to use a Taser on Winn

On the way to the patrol car, Winn also kicked another officer, but did not injure him.


Charges against a woman accused of fighting with staff at Bradford Regional Medical Center have been bound to McKean County Court.

Court papers say 43-year-old Amy Spruce of Salamanca kicked a hospital bed into a wall, causing a hole in the wall, tried to kick and punch staff members,  and injured one person, scratching her on the chest, hand and neck. She also resisted arrest.

She’s charged with aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.



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