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Mayoral Candidate Quits Amid Allegations


A candidate for Mayor in Bradford has withdrawn his name from consideration after allegations that more than 30 signatures on his nominating petition had been forged.

42 year old Slim Lewis withdrew after Democratic Party official James Heckman  noticed the irregularities in some of the signatures and brought it to the attention of District Attorney Stephanie Vettenberg-Shaffer, who told WESB News on Tuesday “an investigation into the matter is in progress by the McKean County Detectives.”

Heckman said he would rather have the Democratic party make the initial contact with the DA rather than have someone from the Republican party report it. Heckman said he did speak with current Mayor Tom Riel, who tells us he told Lewis personally if he didn’t withdraw he would challenge it in court.

Heckman said he reported it to protect the reputation of the party and its candidates, adding that it’s unfair for candidates who put the work in to get on the ballot to be on the same ticket as someone who has defrauded our voters in Bradford. .

Even if Lewis had not withdrawn and had gone on to win the office, Lewis would have been barred from serving due to a pair of felony convictions dating back to 2002.



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