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New Acting Supervisor for ANF


The Allegheny National Forest (ANF) has a new Acting Forest Supervisor, Linda Jackson.

Jackson comes to the ANF from the Ottawa National Forest, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she has been their Forest Supervisor for the last four and a half years.

Jackson said, “I am excited to be working for the Allegheny National Forest. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on this Forest and with its employees, broaden my knowledge and experience to better serve the ANF and the Forest Service, and engage with the communities.”

She brings with her over 26 years of experience with the USDA Forest Service. Her previous assignments include those at national forests in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Oregon. Prior to working for the Forest Service she worked as a geologist in the coal mining industry in Wyoming and Oregon.

“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work on the Allegheny National Forest. The employees and community have been very welcoming, generous, and helpful,” she added. “I love that spring is right around the corner and that I’ll soon be able to get out onto the forest and further see the beauty of the surrounding areas and the quality work accomplished by the forest employees.”

Her husband and she have five children, two grandsons, and one grandchild on the way, all of whom live throughout the western USA.

Jackson is expected to be here until early-summer when the Allegheny National Forest is anticipating a new permanent Forest Supervisor.


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