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Sentencings in McKean, Catt Counties



An Emporium man who threatened to kill people in Bradford has been sentenced to 30 days to 18 months in McKean County Jail.

In February 22-year-old Shayne Sage  told someone if he didn’t see his children soon he would go on a killing spree.

A Rixford woman who conspired with her now-ex-husband to allow him to have a firearm illegally has been sentenced to a year and 8 months to 3 1/2 years in state prison.

37-year-old Julie Tipton was found guilty by a jury last month.

William Tipton pleaded guilty in May and is serving five to 10 years in state prison.

A Lewis Run woman will spend five months to a year in McKean County Jail for using an electronic benefits card belonging to another person to buy $194 worth of merchandise in exchange for $100 in cash.

50-year-old Merry Reynolds must also pay $194 in restitution.

A Bradford man has been sentenced to one to four years in state prison for assault a woman in a Main Street apartment in October.

28-year-old Andrew Beck choked the woman multiple times over a two-day period. He also punched her, shoved her, and dragged her from the hallway into the apartment. When she went to the police station she had lumps on her forehead as well as cuts and scrapes on her jaw. Two witnesses heard him threaten to kill the woman and, as he was leaving the parking lot in his car, he nearly hit them.

The sentence also includes time for a second set of charges including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

A Bradford man who assaulted a police officer who was trying to help him during a psychological emergency will spend the next 18 months on probation.

On November 23 18-year-old Devin Ortz called police saying he was having the emergency. When police got there he got irate and told them to get out of the house. When an officer told him he would be detained for his own safety and attempted to put handcuffs on him, he tried to shove the officer but hit him in the face and chest.


An Olean man has been sentenced to a year in Cattaraugus County Jail for menacing and petit larceny.

Prosecutors say 30-year-old Stacey Spencer Jr. place a person in fear of physical injury by displaying a weapon while stealing property on September 28, 2016.

That incident happened six months after he robbed the Five Star Bank in Olean. In 2017 he was sentenced to 1 1/2 to three years in prison for that crime.

 A second Olean man has been sentenced to prison for burglarizing a business last summer.

27-year-old Stephen Frank was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in state prison.

On August 22 he and 29-yeara-old Shane Rice broke into Mike Ozzella Contracting on East State Street and destroyed a wall safe. They sole about $800 in cash, $300 in silver coin titles, the deed to the business, tools and two laptops.

Rice, who pleaded guilty in November, got the same sentence in January.



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